The Serpent

Listing the good deeds of Hitler
To an audience of Jews!
It seems fair to say my sister,
Vicky, was somewhat confused.

We always found her in some temple,
Just like Christ at twelve years old—
Her certainty was just as simple,
Though her father was no god.

“He loved Blondie till he killed her,
And he could be nice to kids
(Those he didn’t send to war,
Those he didn’t class as Yids).”

He would stagger up the steps,
Left or right, my room or hers…
Can’t say that it mattered which—
Hearing’s bad as being heard.

“We just need some understanding.”
“There must be some clear defense.”
“I know we can still absolve him.”
“Maybe his love can make sense.”

I tried to tell her that a victim
Doesn’t need to wait for that,
But she got stuck inside the garden
Trying to put the apple back.


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