Thales in the well/Boredom (Anniversary Edition)

[2,600 years ago, on May 28th 585 BCE, a solar eclipse like none known of before occurred—this one had been predicted. The man responsible for thinking that the anomalous world he had inherited actually made some kind of rational sense was Thales, the first philosopher—a man later reputed to have fallen in a well while looking at the stars. To mark the anniversary of his great astronomical achievement I repost an earlier poem about his greatest alleged mishap, the idea being that the two might not be so different. And later this fateful day I will post some new poems on the same general theme.]

Thales in the well/Boredom
While the water bore his body up
his mind bored up the drill-hole, past

the ground,
                          to the small circle of sky.
Why would the world conform to any concept?
When in a well it is enough just
not to drown—
                                 why dream of being dry?

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